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July 18th, 2013 MISFIT CITY with Dann Chinn
It’s more the kind of gentle musical wit that’s been out of fashion for too long. At its broadest, it offers They Went That-a-Way, a theme for an imaginary helter-skelter Western that’s one-third ‘Bonanza’, one-third Eight Miles High and one-third Chuck Jones. Stuffed with galloping melodies and sudden switches in direction, this leads the band hither and yon in a hall-of mirrors scuttle; bursting in and out of cowboy orchestration, runaway fretboard zips and Jonathan Wade’s trick-bag rattle of orchestral percussion.

At the other end of the scale from the horse-laughs is The Skater. With the illustrative flair of a silent movie, a trio of Terrys etch out a musical impression of a day on the ice: a little cloudy, a little classical, it takes a Satie-via-Carmichael journey of long lines and pointed details. Beginning with initial lazy strokes across the rink, it builds through ambitious strumming to straining arabesques, only to career downwards in a windmilling slither of muted flamencoid chords as the skater heads out of control; finally picking up and reviving that cruising, swanlike dignity. There’s an art to this kind of light entertainment. Part of Terry’s own subtle artistry is to make it seem lighter than it really is.

July 6th, 2013 THE DAILY VAULT with Benjamin Ray

You have to love an album title that gives you an order. You have to admire when the musician can actually back up the talk.

Terry Gomes’ fourth album is very different from his previous outings in that it is an all-instrumental guitar album, full of short rock/pop/jazz songs meant to evoke moods and scenes. The move is not unprecedented; both Loose Ends and the first Gomesongs disc had elements of those three genres plus a heaping of country, while fans of Gomes will instantly recognize the upbeat nature of the songwriting.

But that’s about where the comparison ends. Gomes was aiming for something cinematic but accessible in scope, and the result is a low-key journey of guitar textures and jazzy soundscapes. As usual, the music is immediately accessible and likeable, much like Gomes himself. If he hasn’t become much of a name outside of Ottawa, Canada yet, he deserves to now.

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