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I am a composer/guitarist from Ottawa, Canada that writes mostly evocative instrumental
music. I have received considerable airplay on CBC across Canada, Stingray Radio's Smooth
Jazz, Jazz.FM91, The Jewel, and many other radio stations across Ontario.

I have a new, instrumental single arriving on September 17th called, Rumjaro 360! The
video for it will launch on September 24th. My other albums and EPs can be heard through the
audio player and artwork links below, as well as through the "MUSIC" link above.

Thank you for listening.

August 6, 2019

Here is the cool artwork for my new track! It was done by the team of D. & W. Raemisch.

July 19, 2019

My laid back approach to completing the last bit of tracking for a new tune coming in September.
It is titled, "Rumjaro 360." We did the main session live off the floor back in April but it's taken
awhile to get back at it. I hope you listeners will dig it! The players include:

Terry (Composer, Guitars)
Ed Lister (Trumpet)
Alex Mastronardi (Bass)
Jeff Asselin (Drums & Percussion) 




Singles & EPs